About Us

About Us

TANKI´s Mission:-

Our analyses, implementation, and training programs are operated with integrity, intelligence, and innovation. We will create an atmosphere within your business space where highly capable professionals learn, cooperate, grow, and challenge one another to achieve the very best results in a collaborative environment.

Our Value

Tanki Solutions is the developing company which is founded on July 2014. We are doing software and hardware solutions for customer needs. And we are conduct the robotics development training for future generation.

Our Team

Maxwell M

Maxwell is the founder and CEO of TANKI Solutions. An upcoming entrepreneur with the confidence in heart. He is a team player with very many broad minded ideas. He is the binding formula for the entire TANKI team. He is a great programmer and a quick learner. He usually spends a lot of his time learning about emerging technologies.

Kannabiran S

Kannabiran is the co-founder and the COO of TANKI Solutions. He is a multi-talented person with great class of business mind. His thoughts and speeches are the driving factor for TANKI solutions. He has special quality that to read others mind and social facts. And he has a another face that social activist.

Rajesh D

Rajesh is a mechanical graduate working as a design engineer. He is a design engineer at TANKI solution for Mechanical designs on robotics development. He has done very many government projects as a freelancer. He is a mechanical hobbyist always trying to build and fix things.

Asif Ismail M A

Asif is an EC graduate and electronic hobbyist. He is a design engineer(electronics) on TANKI solution. He is a crazy guy with crazy thought flowing all the time. He has professional experience in product development and production. He takes care of the technical section of TANKI solutions.

Gautham R

Gautham is an EC graduate working as a manager. A Marketing head in TANKI solutions. Most popular for his crisp speeches and vivid thoughts. He has great control in managing the entire TANKI team to attain each and every milestone.

Karthiga Devi S

Karthiga Devi is an CSE graduate working and good communicator. She is bold and easy-going girl. Well knowledge about handle the hard situations. And she well at programming and theme designs.

Contact Us


Tanki Solutions,
I-3, Aiyshwarya Garden Extn,
Gayathri Nagar, Medavakkam,
Chennai - 600100.


+91-979 085 2787
+91-950 010 1719




Billing System of the for KSMD Impex (India) Pvt. Ltd.

First, we develop billing System for the KSMD Impex (India) Pvt. Ltd, using .net, Then we upgrade that to cloud based billing system which has the logins of Chennai, Mumbai, Calcutta, Delhi which are their distribution centers. We arrange the facility that the chairman of the company can view the current selling status, and bending dues directly from Italy.

There is a demo available for this project Click here to view it.

Event Management cum billing for conventional hall

We develop the Cloud based event management software for convention halls, by this application the user can do hall booking, cancel, payment, generate bills, calendar, etc...

To view the demo of this please Click here

Data collecting portal for NIEPMD

National Institute of Empowerment Persons with Multiple Disabilities (NIEPMD) is the government organization that provides service for physically and mentally challenged persons. They frequently run the camp and take survey of the physically and mentally challenged persons. We develop the cloud based system application can working with both system and iPad. By this application the field staffs can enter the data from the various places from India. The information stored directly to the server. In the case of rural areas we provide offline mode so that the application stored in the local storage of the system, when we connect to the internet the field staff can upstream the data to their main server.

The link is given to view the demo of this.Click here to view it.

Technical partner of Tamilnadu Premier League

Tamilnadu Premier League (TPL) is the sports event which has snookers and billiards; we provide the complete technical support for that. We provide website (http://www.tpl.org.in) for that and we provide the following supports.

Player Registration portal

Player portal is for the registration for the players there we collect player entry fee. Then we show those details on the auction (which is explained below). Players those who are selected we provide portal for them, there they supposed to enter their travelling information, t-shirt size, meal preference etc...

Software for player auction program

This software contains the details, photograph, and achievements of the players. We provide the laptop for each team owner and we place on projector display all are networked by WiFi. The system automatically selects a player and show to all owners and the display, and then owners can bid for those players finally the player join to the team which has the maximum bid.

Caption Portal

Their conduct matches for five days, on four tables, before the day of the match the link will open the caption of the team and the caption should enter the player order of their team. The eight team data are stored in a secure database. The system automatically releases the player names during the event.

Live Score card

We provide the scoring software for the scorers the system gets the information about whom going to play, from caption portal. And send the next players to scorers and gets the previous score from the scorer and display it on the score board.

Portal for Freemasons

We develop the e-portal for the Freemasons club. In that the club in charge can load member’s information and payment details. On the subscription date the treasurer can generate bulk invoices. Once he generate bulk invoice then the system automatically send the mail which contain that invoice and send alert SMS to the concern person. The bills are stored in the .pdf version.

Stock management application on android phone

We develop android application for stock management and order pickup. By this we provide username and password for each and every employee

Website we provided





http://www.nicprint.in (Under Construction)

http://www.puratchibharathamkatchi-oe-shankar.com (Under Construction)

http://www.livecares.in (Under Construction)


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Corporate Social Responsibility

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